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Bush hog mowing a field in Winter Haven, FL.

Bush Hogging Services in Lakeland, FL

Mowing large overgrown areas of brush in fields, around ponds, along roadways and medians, as well as ditches and more with our professional bush hogging services.

Bush/Brush Hogging in the Lakeland, Winter Haven, and Auburndale, FL areas.

As part of Tropical Temptations Landscaping, we offer professional bush hogging services to the Lakeland, Winter Haven, and Auburndale, FL areas. A bush hog, or a brush hog as it is also commonly known, is an oversized mower attachment for a large farming tractor that easily and flawlessly mows large areas of land.

Is bush hogging right for your property? We recommend bush hogging for large properties, because:

  • They are wide and extremely durable. Some can be anywhere from 8ft to 16ft wide, covering large areas in a short amount of time.
  • Bush hogs are made for thick, overgrown grass and even small vegetation that a typical mower would have difficulty going over.

Mowing an overgrown field with a bush hog in Lakeland, FL.

Your regular mower cannot handle the large tough jobs!

Brush hogging is intended for areas such as,

  • Dry Retention Ponds & Lake Shore areas
  • Fields
  • Ditches
  • Backyards
  • Pastures

Residential, and even some commercial mowers, do not have the strength and durability to cut through a thick and overgrown field, especially like the fields in the Lakeland, FL area. That is where we can help. Give us a call today, (863) 528-2894 and get a quote for your property!

Bush hogging services can be contracted by residential, commercial, county, or municipal services.

Benefits of our bush hogging services!

  1. Speedy service, we cut more grass in less time with our brush hogs!
  2. Application, we can cut more than just your field, especially those hard-to-get places.
  3. Terrain is no problem! Since the brush hog attaches to a farming tractor, we can handle different terrain than a residential or commercial mower can

Don't delay in getting your overgrown area under control by contacting our professional bush hogging services right here in Lakeland, FL! Cut your mow time in half or more and give us a call at (863) 528-2894 for all of your bush hogging, landscaping, and hardscaping needs today!

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